Winter Glove 2

2017 NEW

Winter Glove 2

Winter diving glove that is warm and soft.

2 mm thick foamed neoprene with brushed lining.

While releasing soft wearing feel and outstanding elongation, 2 mm thick foamed neoprene fabric, ensuring adequate warmth, is carefully bonded and finished for completely waterproof.

On the lining, brushed fabric made by brushing cut pile is adopted. It realized a soft and warm comfort.


Outer material

2 mm thick foamed neoprene

Inner material

Brushed lining
Nylon 41% Polyester 59%



A size 23cm (9in)


A size 22cm (8.7in)

S (Release date TBD)

A size 21cm (8.3in)

XS (Release date TBD)

A size 20cm (8in)

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