It is the attachment that easy-to-attach to your 1st stage regulator currently in use.

It supplies body-friendly breathing air by removing impurities and odor, and moisturizing air for your breath.

The filter material has been refurbished from the current activated carbon dust dust-proof filter to the multiple layer electret filter, which improves the dust-proof performance by 20% and the pressure drop by 44%.

As a moisturizer for your throat and trachea

Tank air for diving has a humidity of less than 3%. Therefore, every time breathe tank air, water is taken from the lungs and blood, making us thirsty and tired easily.
This bio-filter adds 30%-70% of humidity to the tank air by the built-in water filter to the air purified by the electret filter, and gives water to the body.

The dry air in the tank is sent directly to the lungs, removing water from the lungs and blood each time you breathe.
In normal breathing, it passes through the nostrils to give it adequate humidity and to filter out dust. The bio-filter replaces this nostril function.

Rust and oil absorbed by Electret filter

A diving cylinder can retain small particles of dust, and oil residue.
Inhaling these contaminants can be harmful to your body.
New electret filter cartridge employed in the bio-filter and bio-micro efficiently removes impurities including rust, dust and oil.
Supplies clean and safe air

Easy to set up

Moisturizer cap with one-way valve detach the 1st stage from the tank, and pour water into the filter, Inserting nozzle of specially designed fill bottle will automatically open a one-way valve.

Shock absorbing mount mechanism

The bio-filter is equipped with a shock absorbing mount mechanism.
A ball joint employed in the mount absorbs external shock being forced to the main body of bio-filter and protect from damage.
※ Please note that it cannot withstand excessive shock.

Can be installed on most existing regulators

This clean air system can be installed on most existing regulators (3/8 inch type, 1/2 inch type) including other companies' products. A separate adapter (sold separately) is required to attach the bio-filter to the 1/2-inch regulator.
Also, we recommend using a port extension adapter (sold separately) if it interferes with other hoses due to the port layout of the 1st stage.

※ Please note that there are some models, depending on manufacture, cannot be installed to.

The action of forcing moisturized air through the restrictions of the bio-filter in effect crushes" the water molecule.
This crushing action releases negative electrons, which then attach themselves to oxygen molecules, creating negative ions of oxygen (Oe2). From 7000 to 8000 pcs/cc of negative ions ore generated by the bio-filter with each breath, a quantity similar to that produced by waterfalls of forests. Negative ions refresh, invigorate and increase alertness, improving diving pleasure and performance, especially when exercising vigorously.



Silver (SV)

Port fitting

3/8” available


Chrome over brass

Outer diameter


Total length




Water capacity

Approx. 18cc


2x Electret filter cartridge, 1x Moistureizer pad, 1x Filling bottle, 1x Clamp wrench, 1x Allen-key wrench

Nitrox compatible

Yes to 40% O2 when use new electret filter cartridge

Technical Information

How to install


To eliminate any possibility of thread damage, please use a torque wrench to a setting of 5N・m when fitting the bio-filter to your regulator.

About overhaul

The bio-filter needs overhaul at every one year or 100 dives.

Cleaning of check valve

When washing the bio-filter for overhaul etc., please do not wash the check valve, shown in the photo on the left, with acid or organic solvent.
Because of the valve is made of urethane resin, it may deteriorate remarkably and cause air leakage.
Also, please replace the parts as soon as deterioration such as cracks on the surface is seen.

Time to replace the electret filter cartridge

The electret filter cartridge is a expendable supplies.
Usually replace it every 20 to 50 diving, or when the adhesion of dirt and oil can be seen on the surface.
It is also recommended to always carry and posses a spare activated carbon filter cartridge.

Time to replace the moisturizer pad

The moisturizer pad is a expendable supplies.
Please replace it every 50 to 100 diving, or replace immediately when breeding traces of bacteria or dirt adhered from fingers can been seen.
It does not contain any agent such as an antimicrobial agent in a sponge as it preserves water to moisturize beathing air. Therefore depending on handling and storage condition, the breeding traces of bacteria or dirt might be seen even in a few diving.
It is recommended to always carry and posses a spare water filter.

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