bio-fin ranger-RS


bio-fin ranger-RS

Rubber strap version of the bio-fin ranger.
Adopting a strong buckle mounting structure to cope with hard use in harsh fields.

The combination of large boots pocket and flexible rubber strap provides wider range of adaptability to the size and shapes of boots and shoes.

Strong buckle mount made with a metal shaft.

In the conventional bio-fins, the buckle is mounted to the protrusions embossed by the rubber molding.
Even this holds sufficient strength for use in special fields such as special forces, however the bio-fin RS adopts metal shafts for further robustness of the buckle mount.
Walking comfort while wearing the fin is taken into consideration into the bio-fin ranger design, which is beyond expected usage of conventional swimming fins. Thus the bio-fin ranger is strongly recommended for special applications such as rescue or tactical missions.

Why rubber strap?

There are situations where sharing the fin by several people. In this situation, size of hoot and boots greatly varies depend on the person. The rubber strap provides a wider range of adjustability and adaptability to those size and shape variations as long as shoes and boots can fit into the fin boots pocket. This would be a great advantage under the urgent situation where there is no time to find own size of fin.
Because the rubber strap is detachable without needs of any tools, replacing the strap on the field is simple and quick when the strap is ruptured.

The fin focusing on mobility

In the field of rescue or military operation, divings encounter totally different situation from ordinary divings.
For example, wearing fins over working shoes, safety shoes or military boots, and walking with the fins on the bottom of water to rescue victims, injured person or heavy collapsed stuffs. To cope those situation,s bio-fin ranger/ranger RS are made with mobility in mind. Assuming the situation where walking with fins on muddy ground, It adopts non-slippery three dimensional pattered sole which is unusual as a diving fin. The blade length is set at the marginal size to be able to walk.

Succeed advantages of bio-fin

The bio-fin ranger-RS succeeds advantages of the bio-fin, which has established excellent reputation by worldwide professional divers.

・Extremely high impact resilience and ductility are achieved by natural rubber principal component.
・The shape optimized by the bio-fin technology performs superb thrust power and maneuverability considering its compactness.

Please choose size L or XL when the width of the boots is wide.


Main material

Natural rubber





Length 423mm
Width 252mm
Weight 1,200g
Color black
Fits US8~10


Length 423mm
Width 252mm
Weight 1,200g
Color black
Fits US10~
In the case of thin boots such as marine boots , appropriate size will be larger.

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