bio-metal mask



bio-metal mask

Four types of the flange lineup to pursue an unparalleled excellent fit.
New 3 special colors are line-up!

A wide range of adaptability by providing the flange lineup ranging from type-A to type-D.
Matte finish type-D flange provides an excellent fit and antifouling property.
Wide field of view characteristics of unique frame machined aluminum alloy.

Machined Aluminum Alloy Frame.

The luxurious aluminum alloy machined frame delivers the accuracy and quality without compromise.

Excellent Visibility

A wide field of view is achieved by the high-strength metal frame with optimal design .
See below for details.

Wide 3D vision with Metal frame

Polished by craftsman in Japan.

Metal frame especially “Migaki (polished) by Craftsman’s hand.
Only one underwater mask taken over Craftsmanship in Japan.

2019year New Line
Aqua marine with White flange

2019ysar New Line
Peach with White flange

2019year New Line
Lemon yellow with White flange

BFFS (Bio Facial Fitting System)

You can select the frame with designs, colors, and for purposes. Furthermore to fit your face, you can select from 4 type and 2 colors of flanges.

This is a limitation service at the exclusive dealers.  Please ask our customer support or the distributors of your region.

Four Types of Flange Lineup.

As all of the divers can choose the best diving mask of your own, four types of flange with respective features has been line-up.

You can try all of the flange at a shop where the BFFS (bio-facial fitting system) fitting system is available.

You can arrange a one-of-a-kind diving mask of your own by choosing an optimum flange for your use, your preference and the fit, out of the four types of flange line-up ranging from the type-A, the smallest in inner volume, up to the latest type-D, then select the frame of your favorite color and your favorite lens.

Features of flanges

Stick to the Lens.

Another feature of the bio-metal mask is wide lineup of the lens.
1-Standard lens made of the tempered glass.
2-UV420 lens. (Installed as a standard with PREMIUM series.)
3-Polarized lens laminated the high quality polarizing plate with an excellent polarizing property.
4-Highly durable bio-AR lens suppresses surface reflections to minimum by the multilayer coating.
5-Wide range of the off-the-shelf vision corrective lenses made of optical glass.

It is possible to choose a lens that suits you from this lens lineup.
Please refer to each lens listed in “Peripherals” for more information.

Silicon Anti-adhesive Sheet

The silicon component volatilized from silicone rubber will stubbornly adheres to the inner surface of the mask lens. It is a thing quite difficult to remove . To avoid this , we put the silicon anti-adhesion sheet on the inner surface of the mask lens at the time of manufacturing.

Because of the low coefficient of viscosity with this protection sheet, the sheet can be easily removed and also repeatedly reused. After the mask is used , wash and dry the mask, then put back the protection sheet on the inner surface of the maks lens. It minimizes the occurrence of fogging due to the volatilized silicon even after long-term storage.

Laser marking – the first service in the world for masks

Optional service to carve markings on metal frames is available.
The laser markings never erase with use.
The fonts, characters, place and the number of letters are limited.
And also the dealer's or team's logos are acceptable.
Please ask to our customer service or distributors.

bio-fullface mask that made on the base of the bio-metal mask.

It is a full face mask that takes advantage of excellent properties of the bio-metal mask. It is not only for commercial diving, but also for any leisure diving and photo shooting in cold season. You can feel comfortable diving with it even in cold water.

View the bio-fullface mask



Frame: Aliminum alloy
Lens retainer: SUS304


Polished + Anodized
Sandblast + Anodized



Flange: Silicone rubber
Strap : Silicone rubber
Buckle: PC, POM


Standard lens installed

Tempered grass


Aqua marine

Aqua marine (sandblast)
type-A,B,C frange : black and clear
type-D frange: black and white


Peach (sandblast)
type-A,B,C frange : black and clear
type-D frange: black and white

Lemon yellow

Lemon yellow (sandblast)
type-A,B,C frange : black and clear
type-D frange: black and white

Deep purple

Deep purple(polished)
type-A,B,C frange : black and clear
type-D frange: black and white

Navy blue

Navy blue(polished)
type-A,B,C frange : black and clear
type-D frange: black and white

Brilliant silver

Brilliant silver(polished)
type-A,B,C frange : black and clear
type-D frange: black and white

Classic black

Classic black(sandblast)
type-A,B frange : black and clear
type-C frange: black and clear(No brilliant smoke finish)
type-D frange: black and white

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