bio-metal mask PREMIUM



bio-metal mask PREMIUM

Extraordinary glossy and deep color ,a truly premium mask.

A special mask with luxurious surface treatment.
UV420 lens is installed as standard.
White flanges can also be selected in each color.

Attained extreme finish of aluminum frame.

Even with ordinary anodized finish, enough durability and decorativeness can be obtained. However, we built this mask with ultimate focus on surface finish as much as possible.

The mirror finished high grade frame in deep color employs an exclusive glossy finished lens retainer. The black flange models employ a deep black gloss lens retainer, while the clear flange models employ the thoroughly polished lens retainers that used with bio-metal mask pro.

Color variations

Rose Pink

Refresh and deep color is realized by clear bright and glossy finish.

Sky blue (2019year new color)

Reproduce the blue sky on the mask frame.


Deep and high-quality red is realized with aluminum frame.

Metallic Brown

Chic tint, glossy luster, and these synergistic effects bring forth a sense of quality.

UV420 lens Installed as a standard.

The multilayer coating on the surface of tempered lens cuts wavelengths of blue through ultraviolet region from approximately 420 nm.

It is widely known that light rays with ultraviolet rays of 380 nm or less are harmful for the eyes and the skin. However, recently it has become apparent that light rays in the wavelength range between 420 nm and 380 nm within the visible ray also cause deterioration and diseases of eyes, such as oxidative stress and reduction of lutein.

For that reason, cuts in this wavelength range is now recommended every where including spectacle lens manufacturers.

The surface reflection of peach color is added to the multilayer coating、for further enhancing the bio-metal stylish design. It does not spoil eye contact property underwater in diving since the reflection characteristics change underwater.
On the other hand, on land, it transforms your bio-metal mask to a more stylish and attractive mask in addition to the UV 420 cut.

Polished by craftsman in Japan.

Metal frame especially “Migaki (polished) by Craftsman’s hand.
Only one underwater mask taken over Craftsmanship in Japan.

BFFS (Bio Facial Fitting System)

You can select the frame with designs, colors, and for purposes. Furthermore to fit your face, you can select from 4 type and 2 colors of flanges.

This is a limitation service at the exclusive dealers.  Please ask our customer support or the distributors of your region.

Four Types of Flange Lineup.

As all of the divers can choose the best diving mask of your own, four types of flange with respective features has been line-up.

You can try all of the flange at a shop where the BFFS (bio-facial fitting system) fitting system is available.

You can arrange a one-of-a-kind diving mask of your own by choosing an optimum flange for your use, your preference and the fit, out of the four types of flange line-up ranging from the type-A, the smallest in inner volume, up to the latest type-D, then select the frame of your favorite color and your favorite lens.

Features of flanges

Stick to the Lens.

Another feature of the bio-metal mask is wide lineup of the lens.
1-Standard lens made of the tempered glass.
2-Polarized lens laminated the high quality polarizing plate with an excellent polarizing property.
3-Highly durable bio-AR lens suppresses surface reflections to minimum by the multilayer coating.
4-Wide range of the off-the-shelf vision corrective lenses made of optical glass.

It is possible to choose a lens that suits you from this lens lineup.
Please refer to each lens listed in “Peripherals” for more information.

Silicon Anti-adhesive Sheet

The silicon component volatilized from silicone rubber will stubbornly adheres to the inner surface of the mask lens. It is a thing quite difficult to remove . To avoid this , we put the silicon anti-adhesion sheet on the inner surface of the mask lens at the time of manufacturing.

Because of the low coefficient of viscosity with this protection sheet, the sheet can be easily removed and also repeatedly reused. After the mask is used , wash and dry the mask, then put back the protection sheet on the inner surface of the maks lens. It minimizes the occurrence of fogging due to the volatilized silicon even after long-term storage.


Glass material

Tempered glass


Multilayer coating cuts ultraviolet region from 420 nm



Frame: Aliminum alloy
Lens retainer: SUS304


Polished + Anodized
Sandblast + Anodized



Flange: Silicone rubber
Strap : Silicone rubber
Buckle: PC, POM


Rose Pink

Sky blue


Metallic Brown

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