Underwater scooter av-1 maintenance and repair

It has been thirty years since the Under Water Scooter av-1 was first launched by Apollo sports Co., Ltd. to the market and twelve years from the manufacturing discontinuation, consequently our av-1 repair parts stock have run out.
Today we (Nippon sensuiki Co., Ltd.) regretfully announce the discontinuation of av-1 maintenance and repair services due to this repair parts stock run out.

We ask your kind understanding that we are no longer corresponding to inquiry of repair or maintenance of the av-1 such as water leakage, deterioration of resin and other parts wear.

We are not responsible to any damage of accident occurred with the av-1 which has been either modified or repaired by unauthorized shops or dealers.
Please note that there are potential risks in using an old and aged product without proper maintenance, These potential risks may include problems caused by water leakage due to the deterioration of outer casings made of ABC resin, and possible explosion ,in the worst case,due to the deterioration of protective parts involved in preventing the battery from explosion.
Guidelines for Safe Use of av-1.pdf

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