Caution about parts and assembly adjustment used in overhaul of regulators.

There are rare cases where the failure is caused as a result of using parts other than our standard service parts, or making incorrect assemble adjustment during overhaul. In such a case, it may interfere with durability and basic performance, and in the worst case it may cause unexpected phenomenons such as free flow during diving.

Each part is designed to be optimized in its shape and material for interfacing and assembling to other surrounding parts, and finalized through a long-term evaluation test. The diversion of similar other company parts may lead the danger above mentioned.

In addition, each component of the regulator has many important design factors such as tightening torque, adjustment dimension / adjustment position. When disassembling and assembling without adhering to these, unexpected events such as increased respiratory resistance under depth and loose screws or breakage due to excessive torque will occur.

In order to prevent the above events, please make sure that overhauls are either conducted at Nippon Sensuiki or a shop approved by Nippon Sensuiki.

Please note that we will not be responsible for accidents or malfunctions caused by using other manufacturer's parts or incorrect assembly adjustment.

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