HP251 Gas Booster 200/300BAR Oxygen/Helium/Air


HP251 Gas Booster 200/300BAR Oxygen/Helium/Air

Our High Pressure Booster Compressor for filling breathing gas/air is compact, easily transportable and runs on a home power supply. It can be used for 100% oxygen, nitrox or air. It runs so quietly you can use it anywhere on a standard AC power supply. Unlike many other products available in the market it does not require air to drive it!

Japanese built high pressure seals, motor combined with a uniquely designed one-way valve ensures continues stable operation for many hours.

High Pressure Booster Compressor is assembled and manufactured in Japan at factories of our own and our partners in Japan.

Discontinued model. Successor is now under development.

Setting the shutoff pressure

Setting the shutoff pressure is simple, just set the needle on the pressure gauge to the desired pressure.
In addition to our standard 200 BAR model which runs on AC100V for the Japanese market, we can configure models for different power supplies and pressures of up to 300bar that may suite different operational requirements.

Tank connection

Tank connection supports both DIN or YOKE type and YORK type valves.

Our HP250 Booster can efficiently boost gas from a master cylinder down to approximately 20bar.

Based on our test results Apollo’s HP250 compressor is more efficient and outperforms conventional gas boosters.

Example of charging time and a transition of pressure

IN: Master tank 68.4L
OUT: Slave tank 10.3L
Tested at AC100V/50Hz


Gas type

Air, Helium and Oxgen


20cc / rotation

Compression ratio

Approximately 1:6

Power supply

AC100V single-phase 50/60Hz
(Please contacts us for overseas models, 115V,230V models are available.)

Motor output


Maximum pressure

200bar (Please contact us for 300bar model)

Maximum differential pressure


Auto shutoff pressure

Arbitrary value set by gauge with built-in contacts


Approximately 40kg

Tank connection

YOKE or DIN valve types

Dounload Manuals

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