Original valve design increases your security, safety and confidence

bio-dry EX valve

Manual Exhaust Button (Slide type)

Easy to operate even when wearing gloves or mittens

Adjusting lever for exhaust pressure

3 phase pressure exhaust system allows you to change the auto exhaust pressure even during the dive

Easy maintenance

The exhaust valve cover can be removed easily for routine washing and maintenance

Auto Exhaust valve is the slimmest in the world at 24.8mm

Height from the suits outer surface is only 24.8mm

bio-dry inlet valve

Large inlet lever

This allows easy operation of the valve even when wearing gloves or mittens.

Easy Connection and removal of Dry Suit hose

Due to the design of the inlet valve, connection and removal of the Dry Suit hose is easy.

360 degree rotating valve

Apollos 360 degree rotating valve allows the Dry Suit hose to come from your left or right side.

Apollo’s Inlet Valve is the thinnest in the world at 25.5mm

Height from the surface of the suit is 25.5mm. This makes removal and replacement of the BCD easier than conventional valves.

Superior Safety

A reliable trapezoidal screw is used to prevent the valve from accidentally being undone during use.

Super foot EX valve

Our unique Automatic foot exhaust valve gives you perfect buoyancy control, increased safety and confidence to fully enjoy your Dry suit experience.

Lockable ankle dump valves.
Exhaust the air from foot without the process to move the air to the shoulder.

Apollos renowned quality will give you perfect control of buoyancy and increase your comfort and Dry Suit experience.
Our valve catches the high evaluation in the industry and it is supplied for many manufacturers of dry suit.

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