Do you need a scooter that is fast, goes a long way and is reliable?
You just found it!!!

After over 20 years of making underwater scooters the new apollo avx scooter uses all of apollo’s underwater scooter technology


The avx is equipped with an incredibly high efficiency brushless motor and driver
The next generation 1360Wh Lithium ion battery is installed!
Heavy duty and high water pressure-resistant full-aluminum body
apollo’s innovative hands free riding system (saddle riding, patented) and high efficiency adjustable pitch propeller are supplied as standard
The avx is capable of more than 41km! (*1)
The avx is capable of underwater speeds over 5.7km/h! (*2)
Innovative scooter accessories are available such as a single-hand unit that is attached for specific purposes like cave diving!(Optional)
The avx is made in Japan using the latest components and electronics available today!

*1 3.0km/h speed at propeller pitch2 with saddle-riding.
*2 Propeller pitch1 with saddle-riding.
The numerical value fluctuates by a state of the build of the user and the battery.

Progressive acceleration system

L.E.D. battery life indicator

Hands free riding system

Propeller pitch selection

Additionally it is possible to easily vary the propellers angle or pitch, witch allows for even more fine tuning of the scooters speed to the individual divers needs

PITCH 1 ●●●●●● ●●●●●● ●●●●●●
PITCH 2 ●●●●○○ ●●●●●○ ●●●●○○
PITCH 3 ●●○○○○ ●●●●○○ ●●●○○○

Easy maintenance

In general many scooters have leakage weakness around the sealing area on the propeller shaft.
We specially designed a double sealing system for the propeller shaft by building a small watertight compartment between the first seal and the second seal.
Even if water leaks into this area through the first seal into this compartment further leakage into the motor compartment is prevented. (PATENETD)

Single-hand unit (Optional)

Single hand riding gear for avx.
Easy to control
Attaching the riding gear is simple to do
Ideal for cave diving

Useful Evolutions have been made with new single-hand grip.
Addition of the height adjustable third bar allows easier steering of the traveling direction to any direction with a single-hand control. Furthermore, the control method of traveling speed has also been changed to rotating the front bar just like motorcycle for tireless long distance traveling.

Speed and Cruise-able range

Generally, the cruise-able range decreases at the higher speed and increase at lower speeds.

This graph is based on the data assuming a diver of average figure ridding on the saddle.

The numerical value may change as the fluid resistance and drag coefficient vary due to the diver's figure and the equipment worn.
Since the efficiency of the propeller itself is reduced at PITCH3, the maximum travel range will be shorter than PITCH2 even if reducing the motor power.

The avx is built Tough

The majority of the avx external body is made from high quality aluminum alloy
The front and rear sections of the avx are made using a high tech and extremely accurate NC spinning machine
The maximum depth rating for the avx 150m

1360Wh LI-ion battery for avx

Li-ion battery 50.4V 27AH
New next generation Li-ion Battery such as same type as Electric Vehicle and Hybrid car has 1.4 times more powerful than previous battery. Take you further distance no one ever reach.

Battery charger for avx

output 6A charge 5~6hours
input AC100~240V 50/60Hz


Outer dimensions

806mm x 350mm x 340mm


23.1kg (with battery)
13.0kg (without battery)

Submerge weight in seawater

0.5kg with Single hand unit

Maximum depth


Maximum range

41km *1


0~5.7km/h *2

Max thrust force

250N at pitch1
206N at pitch2
162N at pitch3

Battery type

Lithium ion battery 50.4V 27AH

Battery charger

output 6A charge 5~6hours
input AC100~240V 50/60Hz

avx body color



Battery, Battery charger, O-ring seals for body and propeller, Silicone greace, Instruction manual CD-ROM



NSN number


Download Parts List
Download Manuals

*1  3.0km/h speed at propeller pitch2 with saddle-riding.
*2  Propeller pitch2 with saddle-riding.
The numerical value fluctuates by a state of the build of the user and the battery.

Tchnical Information

Technical information provided for more safe and comfort riding of the avx underwater scooter.

Guidelines for Lithium-ion Battery Long-term Storage

Please follow this guidelines when store the lithium-ion battery for long-term in order to minimize deterioration of the lithium-ion batteries.

1.Storage temperature and humidity.
Avoid high temperature and high humidity. The batteries should be stored at cool room temperature (15 to 25˚C) with low humidity.

2.Charge during the storage.
The lithium-ion battery is in partial-charge at the time of factory shipment.
Do not full-charge the lithium-ion battery for storage and during the storage.
During long-term storage , every 6 months partially charge the battery by charging it for 30minutes with its standard charger.

3.Battery connection.
Disconnect the lithium-ion battery and take it out from the equipment for long-term storage.

About poor continuity and abnormal operation

It has been reported that the inundated seawater may cause abnormal operation such as poor continuity or short circuit in the electrical terminals if the inundated seawater is not wiped clean when the top cover is opened.
When using, be sure to wipe off water accumulated on the partition wall and dirt on the 4-pin terminal before storing or reuse. Please pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the contacts.
Please note that the repair of those defects due to the above will be charged even within one year of purchase.

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